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Comparative Cupping Ep02 ft. Mushin Coffee House by Shobhit Agrawal

Comparative Cupping Ep02 ft. Mushin Coffee House by Shobhit Agrawal

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What's the hype really about? Why is specialty coffee so expensive?

We are arranging an event on 21st April to answer just this. Held online as well as offline. it is a coffee tasting session - Comparative Cupping, where we compare specialty coffee to commercial coffee through a guided SCA certified coffee cupping technique.

Online participants will receive 4 packs of 30g coffee at their registration address.

1. Specialty coffee - whole beans
2. Specialty coffee - ground for cupping
3. Commercial coffee - Whole Beans
4. Commercial coffee - Ground for cupping

Equipment Required

  1. 2x identical coffee mugs, preferably at least 150 ml
  2. Any spoon for measuring coffee
  3. Any spoon for tasting coffee
  4. Access to boiling water
  5. [Optional] Weighing scale

Offline event happening in Kochi and Delhi.
1. Kochi - hosted by Caffinary founders at Rakkaudella; and
2. Delhi - hosted by Mushin coffee house founder Shobhit Agrawal.

This will be charged at Rs 999/-
Early bird discount at Rs 799/- if you sign up by 10th April. Discount shall be auto-applied at check-out. 

Last date of accepting sign-ups for online edition.

April 14, 2024


Looking forward to you joining us <3

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  • Tastes like coffee

    No added Chicory. No added preservatives. No added sugar. Comparative Cupping Ep02 ft. Mushin Coffee House by Shobhit Agrawal's flavour is . The flavour is mild & complements the coffee really well.

  • Expertly crafted

    This coffee is a blend of 100% Arabica & Robusta beans. Arabica is used to give a smooth complexity. And, Robusta gives it a strength & kick. Together they get the job done.

  • Carefully Packaged

    We use glass bottles to pack the coffee. Glass is infinitely recyclable. These glass bottles are sealed with an aluminium seal to keep the coffee contaminant-free & fresh.

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