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Couverture Canephora - Roasted on 08/07

Couverture Canephora - Roasted on 08/07

Chocolate, Tropical fruits, and Floral Finish

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Roasted coffee arriving soon. Currently taking pre-orders. Dispatching on 11th. 

Fine Cup Award 2023.

Limited Edition: 18 kgs.

Chocolatey, fruity, and floral, all in the same coffee? Yes, the complexity of this coffee is truly mind boggling!

The second coffee from the series of Award winning coffees, we bring to you, Couverture Canephora. Cue, applause.

The beans were grown by TheNaturalFarmer, based in Pulneys, Tamil Nadu. They were then fermented using their proprietary methods.

Oh, and not to forget, this is another in the series of The Eye Openers, this Canephora aka Robusta has us coming back for more. This coffee is fruity, acidic, floral, and chocolatey at the same time! Tasting this coffee is like drinking dark chocolate. Isn’t that mind-blowing? This coffee is a limited lot of 18kg, and has won the Flavour of India - Fine Cup Award 2023 for Robusta Naturals.

We cupped this coffee blind, with 5 people, and none of them could say it was a Robusta.

The coffee beans that go into Couverture Canephora were nurtured for 17 months - 12 months on the plant, 15 days for fermentation, and 4.5 months, for extended slow drying.

The result of so much time, love, effort, and attention is something so complex, it opened our eyes.

Introducing, our second Eye Opener- coming from Mahesh N, TheNaturalFarmer, this coffee clearly reflects the excellent cultivation practices that the coffee has received during the harvest and beyond, from the nurturing of sapling to plant.

Taste Profile - Chocolate, Tropical fruits, Floral Finish
Origin - TheNaturalFarmer, Pulneys, TN
Processing - Extended Fermented, 4.5 Months Slow Dried
Elevation - 3600 ft

Roast: Medium
Acidity: Medium High
Sweetness: High

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