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Pomo Grenade 💣 - Roasted on 22/06 - Last Roast

Pomo Grenade 💣 - Roasted on 22/06 - Last Roast

Berries, Buttery, and Ice Cream

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A smooth coffee with a bomb of flavours. Introducing Pomo Grenade. Why? Because pomegranate was infused in these coffees, during the post harvest processing! 

Another one in the series of consolidated coffees, we've taken this coffee from the Manytora FPO. Grown in the Hukumpeta Mandal from the Alluri Sitharama Raju disctrict, this is our first coffee grown in Andhra Pradesh. Also, this coffee is our first QR based traceable coffee.

The post harvest processing method is pomegranate ferment, the first of its kind that we experienced, and the first sip blew our mind! We just knew this coffee had to be shared, far and wide.

We're getting our hands on 10kgs of this coffee, and we can't wait for the next roast! This coffee makes a very sweet cup, with balanced acidity, notes of berry fruits, with a creamy finish. It smells like a waffle cone, and even has hints of plum

All in all, a complete BOMB of an experience!

Special thanks to Dhamini and Sidhant for helping us rediscover the flavour notes. 

Latest lot roasted on 1st Feb, shipping starts 7th Feb, post rest.


Taste Profile Berries, Buttery, Ice Cream
Origin Hukumpeta, Alluri Sitarama Raju, AP
Processing Pomegranate Fermentation
Elevation 3600+ ft
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