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Robustas of Coorg - Roasted on 20/06

Robustas of Coorg - Roasted on 20/06

Chocolates, Prunes, and Raisins

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India is a land of smallholder farmers - and even coffee is grown at estates with less than a ton of production. And do you know what is the smallest quantity that can be graded and sorted in most affordable curing houses? A ton. So while we like the highest grade and best bean density in our coffee, the smallholders who do good work, don't get the limelight that they should, for the hard work they put in. Robusta is a healthy child that has adapted well to climate change, and is soon turning into the highlight of this industry, Worldwide.

Bhavika states that she had her biases against robusta - but this is the first coffee ever, that opened her mind to the possibilities that robusta holds in its folds. She believes it could be the first robusta for a lot of people, too!

The roasting, if Robusta conscious (credits to Rajeev Vaishnav), the sweetness and complexity in the bean can develop and shine. Bringing to you, a washed Robusta that is sensitive to the Indian small-holders, a roast that bears in mind the qualities of the bean, and brings you, nothing but the best. The coffee will remind you of chocolates, prunes, and raisins.

Proudly presenting, Robustas of Coorg.

Special thanks to Ujjwal Rathi for ensuring that his love for this coffee and consistent reminders made us stay on track to share this coffee with the rest of the fam.


Taste Profile Chocolates, Prunes & Raisins
Origin Coorg Smallholders, Karnataka
Processing Washed
Elevation 3000+ ft
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